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3/16/2022RedHawks 10 U845 238 254310UD44/30/2022Flexible AvailabilityMaybeMaybe - depending on
3/21/2022Somers Red Storm914-490-340214UD25/4/2022Evening (5pm - 8pm)YesMaybe - depending on
3/28/2022NY Gothams Amy 917-920-002812UD15/14/2022Afternoon (12pm - 5pm)Mt St Michael’s 12-5Maybe - depending on
3/30/2022New Canaan 12 RedJesse (917) 608-807412UD25/1/2022Morning (9am - 12pm)Yes - New Canaan Mead Park (Mellick Field)
4/10/2022Chargers BaseballChris Abbate 845-544-627111UD35/15/2022Flexible AvailabilityWilling to
4/19/2022Westchester EliteAdam MacDonald 914.772.363312UD34/30/2022Morning (9am - 12pm)Trying to get a field
4/20/2022NY Bulldogs 15u512917283115UD15/1/2022Morning (9am - 12pm)Randall's Island 11/
4/25/2022NY Bulldogs Select 11uAdam 512-917-283111UD15/7/2022Flexible AvailabilityWill host or
4/28/2022East Side RocketsKeith 917-375-008814UD25/8/2022Afternoon (12pm - 5pm)Randall's Island
4/28/2022East Side Rockets917-375-008814UD25/7/2022Flexible AvailabilityRandall's
4/28/2022East Side Rockets917-375-008814UD25/8/2022Flexible AvailabilityRandall's
4/30/202212U D4 Scarsdale WhiteJosh Weismer 917863894712UD45/7/2022Afternoon (12pm - 5pm)Potentially Hyatt around 3pmMaybe - depending on
5/1/2022Carmel Cubs 13UStephen Luciana 845-313-811713UD3Flexible
5/2/2022NORTH ROCKLAND REBELSRON PERILLO 516-351-611611UD35/14/2022Flexible AvailabilitySTONY POINT LITTLE
5/2/2022NORTH ROCKLAND REBELSRON PERILLO 516-351-611611UD35/15/2022Flexible AvailabilitySTONY POINT LITTLE
5/5/2022YBNR Michael Fairweather 917 612 63299UD25/7/2022Evening (5pm - 8pm)6pm under the lights at
5/5/20229u Poughkeepsie LightningTom Marshall. (845)235-40039UD25/13/2022Evening (5pm - 8pm)
5/5/2022Fury Elite 13UErin Cohen
5/6/2022Marlboro MarlinsSherida Porpiglia (914) 213-827810UD35/15/2022Afternoon (12pm - 5pm)Yes at 2:00 and/or
5/10/2022Northstar Naturals 12u D4Donnie Lewis. 845 224 4795 12UD45/14/2022Afternoon (12pm - 5pm)Yes, after 3pmMaybe - depending on
5/14/2022Stamford Travel 12U NavyRobert Aiello 914589741512UD25/15/2022Afternoon (12pm - 5pm)TOR Middle School - Stamford
5/20/2022Lewisboro Lightning PurpleNed Quinn 917-825-389212UD36/17/2022Evening (5pm - 8pm)YesMaybe - depending on