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8/31/2021Yorktown Huskers 9UMichael DePaola 914-552-76309UD210/9/2021Apar Field at 2:00 and 4:00 (1 game or 2)Maybe - depending on
9/6/2021Stamford Baseball203-667-79818UD310/10/2021Morning (9am - 12pm)YesMaybe - depending on
9/10/2021REDHAWKS Nancy 570-618-996714UD310/9/2021Flexible AvailabilityYesMaybe - depending on
9/21/2021Stamford Bombers 13U Grey917-239-519513UD4willing to host or travelMaybe - depending on
9/25/2021Patterson PiratesPatrick Barrett 845-554-649416UD310/10/2021Flexible
10/5/2021Shrub Oak StormAnthony P Pagano13UD410/9/2021Morning (9am - 12pm)YesMaybe - depending on
10/5/2021NY Sluggers 11U 50/70 Brett Brown - 917-301-429511U10/9/2021Flexible
10/5/2021NY SluggersBrett Brown - 917-301-429511U10/10/2021Flexible
10/8/2021CT Rangerskgilroy924@outlook.com13UD210/9Flexible