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    But once you factor in customization, the cost of the land and miscellaneous costs, the price per square foot runs closer to $100 – $150. If you plan on keeping the construction simple, barndominiums can start as low as $120,000. The aesthetic appearance of your house will stay the same regardless of whether you choose a wooden or metal frame for your abode. And most barndominium style homes use metal siding and metal roofing just like metal building barndominiums. Barndominiums come in a variety of sizes and layouts, from single story ranch style to multi story floor plans. Most barndominiums are used as single family residences but more recently families have been building them with dual purposes. One use for a barndominium is incorporating your business into your living space. Farmers have been combining their living spaces with barns for centuries, but it’s only in recent years that it has become a trendy, rather than a purely practical, choice. Real estate developer Karl Nilsen coined the term “barndominium” in 1989, initially to describe properties that offer a house (or lot) along with boarding facilities for the residents’ horses. Today’s barndominiums may be new builds or existing barns that have been retrofitted to make them habitable. Ahead, discover some stunning examples of the house style that’ll provide design inspiration for your own barndominium plans. A barndominium is a multi-purpose metal or wood building that contains living quarters. A lot of them are built using the basic shell of a pole barn (Post Frame). It is an affordable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance solution for residential living. A barndominium combines a living area, usually an extension of a larger open space used as a barn, a workshop, a shed, or some other hobby requiring extra square footage. Building material costs for barndos are less than for most new homes, thanks to the availability of barndominium kits. Standard kits cost between $5,000 to $350,000 and can be assembled in 10 days. Everything for a home’s exterior is included, such as the walls, roof, framed openings for windows and doors, siding, structural elements like steel columns, and hardware. This popular house plan has marveled our customers since its arrival on our website with its spacious outdoor spaces and exceptional exterior details. The incredible 4,357 square-foot layout includes many unique features, including a butler’s pantry, a pet kennel, extra storage spaces, and a workshop.

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